Media Companion 3.726 Crack

Media Companion 3.726 Crack & Serial Key New Edition Free Download

Media Companion 3.726 Crack

Media Companion 3.726 Crack & Serial Key Free Download

Software Media Companion Crack allows you to browse movies, TV shows, music videos, posters, personal collections and more and catalog your results. Also available as 32-Bit. The downloadable executable is a 7z file that will auto extract for you and creates a folder where you run it from. The app is portable so simply run Media Companion to get started. At first glance, Media Companion looks a little complicated. There’s a ton of forms and tabs to deal with. However, you only need to start at the top left under Search to find your first movie or TV shows. For testing, we decided to go with Gotham and not enter any additional search terms or details and realized our first mistake was the default selected “Movies,” but there were also choices for TV Shows, Music Videos, or Home Movies.

Once you search, you select your options from the opposite panel and choose scrape. You can look up TVDB and IMDB, art, and more. Often, we see all sorts of information to enter from director, actors, writers, and more but somehow a simple search of a TV or movie title isn’t as easy to find and execute in all places.

There are millions of possible searches from artists, movies, TV show, posters, artwork, and so much more. We still think there’s a better way to unclutter the interface, but if you don’t mind a little learning curve to get used to the app, then Media Companion is hard to beat when you want every possible result.

Media Companion 3.726 Crack


Getting to grips with this app is not at all challenging:

  • The user interface is clean and you should be able to work with this program pretty quickly.
  • The app is capable of gathering information from the Internet by accessing the IMDB database and to display various details about films such as outline, plot, stars, genre, actor, certification, runtime, director and others too.
  • Adding a film to the main window is particularly simple as the app includes the “drag and drop” support. You can add multiple movies to the list, sort them by using the dedicated filters such as movie year, rating, alphabetical display, runtime, date added and many others.

All the relevant information about movies or TV shows, just a few mice clicks away

  • The app works fast when it comes to downloading posters and movie trailers from IMDB and film backdrops from TMDb. Of course, all the data imported by the app can be easily edited. The fire logs can be exported to an HTML list with customizable templates.

Media Companion Currently supports Movies and TV Shows:

  • XBMC Movies Link – Changes in MC update XBMC. TV Support will follow later. See Documentation
  • Scrape Blu-Ray Folder structure.
  • It Scrape movie information from IMDB using the inbuilt scraper
  • Scrape movie information from TMDB using XBMC scraper.
  • Download movie posters from any of IMDb, TMDb, IMPA, and MPDB.
  • Can download movie backdrops from TMDb.
  • Download artwork from Fanart.Tv
  • Download movie trailers from IMDb & Yahoo!
  • View and edit all obtained data.
  • Saving of Media Tags in NFO.
  • Include ExtraThumbs’ & ‘ExtraFanart’ (For skins that support this function, movies need to be in individual folders)
  • Auto-Rename using custom or set parameters
  • Auto-Rename movie’s Folder using custom or set parameters
  • Search and browse movies using a selection of filters and searches.
  • Export to HTML movie details & artwork, with customizable templates.

Media Companion 3.726 Crack

TV Show features include:

  1. Choice of inbuilt TVDb scraper or XBMC TVDb scraper
  2. Automatically download information for TV Shows and episodes from TVDb.
  3. Download actor images from either TVDb or IMDb.
  4. It download and select poster for Show and individual seasons.
  5. Download episode screenshot.
  6. Downloadartwork from Fanart.Tv
  7. Create a screenshot if the download is not available.
  8. Automatically rename episodes using set or custom parameters
  9. Include ExtraThumbs’ & ‘ExtraFanart (For skins that support this function)
  10. Saving of Media Tags in NFO
  11. Display episodes missing from your collection.
  12. Display episodes in aired date order (so you can see where the specials fit in)
  13. Export to HTML TV details with customizable templates.

Home Movie features:

  • Addition of homemade or movies with no downloading information
  • Separate Home Movie Folder
  • Setting Title of Home Movie, and Sort Title
  • Outline, Staring and year fields.
  • Creation of Screen-Shot

Media Companion 3.726 Crack

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